The Company



Aqua Timber consists of a team of entrepreneurs who have learned to capitalize on their individual talents and use them collectively to produce a winning business model. The Company is lead by Mark and Peter Hamelin. Mark is a successful entrepreneur who has used his technical background to turn several small start-up Companies into multi-million dollar enterprises. Peter is a certified professional diver with extensive experience in the marine salvage and lumber industry.


Aqua Timber’s mission is to provide you, the environmentally-responsible individual, with a 100% environmentally-friendly supply of water-recovered, old-growth lumber. We are committed to continuously finding new ways to minimize the ecological footprint of our company and to ensuring that the environment is not harmed in our recovery or processing operations. We currently take as many steps as financially-possible to operate as a ‘green corporation which includes investing in a million-dollar RFV kiln that dry’s our lumber using a fraction of the energy required to dry lumber in a conventional air drying kiln.

While we realize that we still have a long way to go we look forward to the day when we can further reduce our carbon footprint with the implementation of wind power generation and geothermal heating.

What We Do Best

Aqua Timber takes great pride in retrieving historic logs from their numerous resting places. Once historic research of a particular waterbed is completed, extensive scanning and sonar imaging of the underwater timberlands begin. After permits are approved the site is opened and the retrieval process begins.

Our 40′ vessel is outfitted with a custom lift mechanism and hydraulic capstans that enable us to retrieve up to 30,000 lb. payloads. The recovered logs are then transported from the site to our state-of-the-art mill, where the logs are identified, inspected and processed for our end use.

By harvesting and marketing old logs, Aqua Timber Inc. meets the high demand for high-quality, unique, century-old lumber while cleaning up the lakes and rivers for generations to come.