Preserve Every Living Tree


Aqua Timber is one of the leading suppliers of 100% enviro-friendly old-growth lumber. Using advanced underwater recovery techniques we reclaim old-growth timbers from the bottom of lakes and rivers throughout North America and turn it into valuable wood products.

We believe it is wasteful – especially in today’s world of rapid climate change, rising CO2 levels and deforestation – to cut standing forests when there is an abundant supply of perfectly-preserved timber lying on the bottom of the lakes and rivers, waiting to be used.

While there is a finite supply of these virgin old-growth timbers, our preliminary findings show that that there is enough volume to have a significant impact on deforestation, habitat-loss and climate change.

Ready To LEED The Charge to Save Our Biosphere?

Aqua Timber can now provide you with a full range of wood products that are truly environmentally-friendly. Leaders use our material for flooring, furniture manufacturing, home construction and commercial, LEED-certified, building projects and the project looks astonishingly-beautiful as a result!