Aquatimber featured on Dirty Jobs.

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In Canada lumber production and processing is a multi-billion dollar industry. Within the overall market there is a billion dollar niche wood market that caters to connoisseurs and corporations interested in unique and/or environmentally-friendly lumber products. The industry currently lacks a lumber product that is old-growth, environmentally-friendly and available to specification. Aqua Timber now fills this void with our Bio Timber and Heritage Timber lines of recovered old-growth lumber.

Aqua Timber provides manufacturers and consumers with environmentally-friendly lumber, exotic veneers, engineered flooring and wood solids of unsurpassed beauty, heritage and prestige. These old-growth (circa 1000–1500 AD) hardwood and softwood lumber products are produced from tree species including birds-eye and curly maple, birch, beech, ash, oak, pine, spruce, cedar, fir and hemlock that were cut around the shores of the Great Lakes during the 1800s and early 1900s by hardy loggers working to supply England and Europe with timber.

The “old growth” lumber exists in the lakes today as a result of the early pioneer’s method of transporting the logs to the area sawmill. During transportation via lakes and rivers a significant portion of the timber that was harvested became waterlogged and sank to the bottom. The cool, pure and relatively oxygen-free water of the lakes preserved these logs which are now being recovered by Aqua Timber. The result is character-rich “old growth” lumber that is unsurpassed in visual beauty and is environmentally-friendly. All products can be certified authentic by growth ring analysis.